Workout While You Cook

08 Jan Workout While You Cook

Happy Young Woman Cooking Pizza at HomeChances are, your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight (after all over ⅓ of all resolutions are weight-related).  However, as time goes on, you are finding that it is more difficult than you expected to find time in your busy schedule to go to the gym.  Instead of stressing that you don’t have enough time to complete your to-do list and hit the weights, use your to-do list as a way to exercise.  Exercising while cooking is a great way to keep up with your resolutions and accomplish the necessary tasks of everyday life.  Read on for five great ways to exercise while you are preparing meals for your family.  

Calf Raises

While you are chopping vegetables, stirring a pot on the stove, or rinsing off dishes, do a few calf raises to strengthen your butt, calves, and core.  Stand straight and tuck in your tailbone.  Engage your abs before you start.  Lift your heels off the ground for 3-5 seconds, and then place them back on the ground.  Do this 20 times at first, and increase the repetitions as you become stronger.  

Microwave Planks

While you are waiting for something to cook in the microwave, take advantage of those 30 seconds to hold a plank.  Position yourself parallel to the ground with your elbows and forearms against the ground.  Engage your abs while you hold the plank.  As time goes on, you can increase the time that you hold the plank.  

Stove Squats

While you are cooking your meals in the oven, you can do squats.  Instead of bending over, lower yourself down towards the ground in a squat.  When you check on your food, hold another squat.  Make sure you do squats properly so that you do not injure your back.  Keep your back straight and look straight ahead.  Keep your knees in line with your feet as you bend down.

Clean Up Stretches

If you spill something on the ground, stretch your body as you wipe it up.   Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and reach down to wipe up the mess.  Keep your legs straight while you do this to help you stretch better.  If you cannot reach the ground, spread your legs a little further apart.  

Step Ups

If you have to use a stool to reach something off of a high shelf, take advantage of that time to do step ups on your stool.  Instead of just stepping onto the stool once, step up and down about ten times to work your legs and core.  If you have time, do a few more step ups.  

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