Cabinets are the most expensive part of your kitchen. So when it comes to getting new ones, you could end up shelling out a small fortune. To save money, RTA, or ready to assemble, cabinets are the way to go without sacrificing quality or taste.

RTA cabinets cost quite a bit less than custom cabinets. First of all, they’re cheaper to install because you do it yourself. No labor costs are involved. The boards ship flat and take up less space than fully assembled cabinets, which also lowers shipping costs.

One of the drawbacks of custom cabinets is they ship fully assembled. Unless you have a safe place to store them, they can clutter your workspace. You’ve got to match up the timing of the shipping with your project. Not an easy task. RTA cabinets come in flat pieces that store easily, so you can buy the cabinets early on in your remodel and set them aside until it’s time to install them.

On the flip side, you might be one of those people who can’t decide until the last minute what type of cabinets you want. By then, you’ll be waiting an extra 6-8 weeks for custom cabinets to be produced and shipped. But with RTA cabinets, you’ll only have to wait a week or two. This means you can hold off until you’re farther along in your project and know what you want before ordering cabinets. Plus, if you accidentally miscalculate on the size of the cabinets, it won’t slow you down too much.

Our human souls desire to be creative. While RTA cabinets do come with an easy to follow instruction manual, you still get to create the cabinet yourself by assembling the pieces. The sense of accomplishment is a reward in itself, and you might be more inclined to keep the cabinets in good condition so as not to ruin all of your hard work.

With RTA cabinets, you still get top quality cabinets at a fraction of the cost. If you’re willing to spend a few extra hours on labor, they are definitely the way to trim back your kitchen remodeling costs.