Tips for Organizing Under-the-Sink Bathroom Cabinet Space

28 Apr Tips for Organizing Under-the-Sink Bathroom Cabinet Space

folded towelsWith spring finally here, you likely have spring cleaning on the brain. And if, like most people, you spend a great deal of your time getting ready in the morning in the bathroom, it makes sense to start by organizing your bathroom to make for a streamlined morning routine. So what are some ways you can make the most out of that under-the-sink bathroom cabinet space? Read on to find out.

For Your Cabinet Doors


Hooks attached to the inside-facing sides of your cabinet doors are an easy way to store frequently-used items. You can use them for a variety of things, such as your face cloths, hair ties, cleaning gloves, tub scrubbers, or hair styling tools with built-in rubber hooks on the ends of them. Hooks can even be used to hold up a wire rack for sponges, or a small trash can.

Magnetic Strip

These are often used in medicine cabinets, but if you don’t have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, consider adhering a magnetic strip to the inside door of your under-the-sink cabinet. A magnetic strip is great for storing bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers, and other small metal items.

Shoe Organizer

Try cutting a shoe organizer meant for doors to fit your cabinet door. You’ll be able to store hair products, makeup, hair ties, and other small bathroom items right on the door of your cabinet, leaving plenty of space inside for other items.

For That Under-the-Sink Space

A Set of Drawers

Many home goods stores sell affordable three- or four-drawer storage systems that will fit perfectly in a cabinet under a bathroom sink. Aim for a set of drawers that gets as close to the top of the cabinet as possible so that you’re getting the most out of that vertical space.

Stacking Bins

Versatile stacking bins are another easy and affordable organization option that you can find at many home goods stores. A great set of stacking bins will allow you to customize how tall you want your storage piece to be, and many will come in open-front varieties that will allow anything stored under your bathroom sink to be easily accessible.

Tension Rod

A tension rod makes for easy installation and has a variety of uses when installed under a bathroom sink. You can hang spray cleaner bottles, cleaning rags, paper towels, and more.

Peel and Stick Tiles

While not necessarily an organization tool, peel and stick tiles for the bottom of your cabinet space are a great idea for helping protect the bottom surface of your cabinet, especially since bathroom cabinets so often store household cleaners and wet items.

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