Unless you are pretty familiar with lumber, you may not not know why we would name our company Knotty Alder Cabinets. Well, the answer is that we use a wood called Knotty Alder! We choose to use this wood because of its many advantages for cabinet making. Because we know you are dying to know, here are a few of the reasons why Knotty Alder wood is perfect for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Knotty Alder wood comes from a relatively small tree grown here in North America that gets to be about 50 feet tall with a trunk diameter of 15 inches. 20 years ago, not many people had heard of this lumber, but today knotty alder is quickly growing in popularity. This wood is typically used for furniture, cabinets, and turned products.

One of the big reasons for the rise of Knotty Alder’s popularity is the wood’s desirable characteristics for machining. It can be nailed without splitting the wood, or screwed without pre-drilling. It can be glued well, as well as sanded for a smooth finish.

Because of its high abundance and fast growth, Knotty Alder is one of the most affordable woods to use for cabinets. Some people mistake this to mean that our cabinets are low quality. The truth is that Knotty Alder Cabinets uses only the highest quality of knotty alder wood. Since our cabinets are ready to assemble, we are able to cut the cost down significantly by saving on assembly and production, which helps us focus all of our efforts into creating quality cabinets.

Last but not least, knotty alder is a great choice for your cabinets because of its elaborate grain and unique rustic appearance. They call it knotty alder because of its knots – some small and tight, others wide – which add a lot of character to your kitchen. The wood comes in a pale yellow to reddish brown color, but due to its small pore structure and consistency of color, it is an excellent wood for finishing. The softness of the wood allows the stain to sink into the pores and easily reflect a different character. It is also great for lacquer which results in a shiny, glassy look.

So, now you can see why we choose to use Knotty Alder wood and have named our company Knotty Alder Cabinets. Our RTA Kitchen Cabinets come in a variety of colors, including Natural Stain, Glazed, and Dark Glazed. For a better look at the beauty that our RTA cabinets can bring to your home, check out our photo gallery!

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