The Knotty Alder Promise

The Knotty Alder Promise

You won't find any cabinets with our caliber of design and craftsmanship at a lower price. We take great pride in our work, which means that our satisfaction is derived from delivering our customers superior cabinetry. This philosophy is so deeply ingrained in us that you can see it at the very base level of our craft: wood selection. Alder is highly desired for furniture because it is a hardwood with a distinct beauty. We choose to use Knotty Alder for our cabinetry because of its elaborate grain and unique rustic appearance. We guarantee the quality of our wood. You can learn more about the quality of our wood by browsing our site, or by requesting a free sample here

"Knotty Alder Cabinets makes a promise of quality and value: We guarantee you quality cabinets at the lowest price in the country."

You can also see our proud craftsmanship in the way we handle our work. We've used our years of experience in this industry to develop packaging that is light and durable. This saves our customers both time and money. Our custom designed packaging methods are effective at reducing your shipping costs and minimizing the risk of damages that is inherent with shipping. You can find out more about our shipping process and policy here.

Along with our strong work ethic and attention to detail, we also take pride in providing you with great value. That is why we've chosen our "ready to assemble" (RTA) and "do it yourself" (DIY) installation business model. This strategy has been developed with our many years of experience in this industry and it is the most cost effective way for us to distribute our quality cabinets.

Our service doesn't end when you receive your cabinets. In addition to our online resources, we are always available to answer your questions and provide assistance whether you're shopping or installing. If you have any questions or requests, we encourage you to Contact Us via phone or email.

Our commitment to quality, service and value is second to none. At Knotty Alder we want these dimensions to be part of every customer's experience, which is why we make our promise a guarantee. If there is anything that we can do to enhance your experience with us at anytime, just let us know. Improvement is an inherent part of our promise and we know that our customers are in the best position to help us improve our future. Knotty Alder Cabinets makes a promise of quality and value. We guarantee you quality cabinets at the lowest price in the country.