Buying Ready to Assemble cabinets online may seem risky. It’s hard to know exactly how a color of cabinet will actually look in your kitchen. Lighting can change everything, and you know that online cabinet stores are using the best lighting in their pictures online to show off their cabinets.

Here at Knotty Alder Cabinets, we do the vast majority of our business online. However, we’ve provided ways for our customers to see exactly what they’re getting, before having to commit to buying an entire supply of RTA kitchen cabinets.

We provide 100% free samples to anyone that wants to see our cabinets. By doing this, our customers get an actual sample of the high quality knotty alder wood we use with our RTA cabinets. You can even request a sample of each cabinet color we offer, making it easy to see which one will look best in your kitchen or bathroom.

To order a free sample, simply visit the FREE SAMPLE page on our website, and fill out the information. All you’ll need to enter is very basic contact information (so we can get your samples to you), which colors you’d like to receive, and whether or not you want a free quote. The free quote is another convenient feature from Knotty Alder Cabinets. By just providing some basic details about your kitchen or bathroom, we can get you can accurate quote of what it will cost for your new RTA cabinets.

If you’re still planning out your remodel or new kitchen, you can request an online version of our pricing catalog. This may help you decide on colors, cabinet styles and even design inspiration.
We want you to feel comfortable when purchasing your new kitchen or bathroom cabinets. That’s why we’ve provided these free resources you can take advantage of before having to put any money down. Before paying even a dime you can see our full catalog, receive different samples, and even get an accurate quote.

At any point along this process, feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Our staff is happy to help both customers and window shoppers.

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