Surviving a Kitchen Remodel During the Holidays

surviving a kitchen remodel during the holidays

09 Dec Surviving a Kitchen Remodel During the Holidays

Although most people don’t plan a kitchen remodel right during the holiday season, remodels often take longer than expected an carry into the holiday season. The biggest reason? You start a remodel with the hopes of having everything finished for your annual ugly Christmas sweater party, and then projects get delayed, funds run low, the contractor takes a week off, etc. etc. The point is, although you didn’t plan for it, you may be struggling through this holiday season without your kitchen.

Kitchens tend to be a gathering point for holiday parties. That’s of course where you’ll find drinks, holiday treats and delicious dinners being prepared. So what do you do when your kitchen is torn apart and out of order? Here are a few steps to get by:

    1. Set up a makeshift temporary kitchen. Arrange a spare room to serve as a temporary kitchen. This works best if you have a sink nearby, but any room should work. If you don’t have a nearby sink, ask your plumber if he or she can set up a temporary sink in another room. Add a microwave, a mini fridge and toaster and you’re about set. Try keeping some old cabinets you ripped out of the kitchen and place a piece of plywood on top to serve as a preparation and cooking surface.
    2. Buy plastic cups, plates, utensils. To avoid having to do any dishes during your remodel, stock up on disposable cups, plates and utensils.
    3. Plan out the remodel. Make sure you know exactly where the process is for each step. Sometimes remodels can drag on an on because there’s no direction. Plan each process, have a deadline, and work with your contractor (or whoever is doing the work) to make sure everyone is on the same page.
    4. Look for coupons. Let’s face it, the easiest way to survive your kitchen remodel is just to eat out for every meal. Consider downloading an app that shows current deals on food around you. Although it can get expensive, going out to eat may just be the best alternative to that holiday ham and those homemade Christmas cookies.
    5. Choose RTA cabinets the next time you plan a remodel. If you’re already deep into your remodel, chances are you already chose your cabinets. Next time, think about buying Ready To Assemble cabinets. RTA cabinets are easy to assemble and install and can save you loads of money. With all the money you’d save, you could put that budget towards hiring a contractor that will have a crew in and out in a couple of weeks. No more having to wait for your significant other to finally finish staining the new cabinets.

Even if your kitchen is in shambles, you can still make the most of your holiday season at home. And just think, next year your kitchen will be completely finished and ready to host all of your festive holiday parties.

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