Summer Treats to Make for Your Neighbors

summer fruit pie

03 Aug Summer Treats to Make for Your Neighbors

Freshly baked treats are a popular gift for neighbors during the winter season, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t surprise your neighbors with a delicious treat during the summer months. Here are 7 ideas for summer-inspired treats that you can make for your neighbors.

Summer muffins

The summer season sees a lot of fresh, in-season produce, and one way to take advantage is to make muffins or a breakfast bread featuring your favorite fruit for your neighbors. You can make muffins featuring all sorts of seasonal fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, blueberries, or blackberries. Some even make muffins with summer vegetables like zucchini and cucumber.

Berry-topped coffee cake

Try something different from the traditional coffee cake and top a freshly baked coffee cake with fresh berries for something that your neighbors can enjoy for breakfast or brunch.

Summer quick bread

Quick breads are another similar, versatile treat that can include virtually any summer ingredient you’d like. You could try making a lemon-blueberry bread, or even a savory bread featuring summer squash.

Fresh fruit pie

Don’t forget about all of the possibilities that exist with seasonal pies as well. Consider making a key lime or lemon meringue pie, or try something with stone fruits like peaches or nectarines. Berries, of course, are also a great option here.

S’mores inspired treats

While it might not be feasible to make freshly toasted s’mores and take them over to your neighbors, you can try making a s’mores inspired treat such as s’mores cupcakes, s’mores cookie bars, or a s’mores pie. Or, alternatively, you could even try assembling a “fancy s’mores” kit, including classier takes on the traditional ingredients, such as specially flavored graham crackers and different types of chocolate for the middle.

Fancy popcorn

Popcorn-made-sweet offers a great many summer-inspired possibilities. You could try making s’mores popcorn complete with chocolate and marshmallows, or you could incorporate M&Ms for something bright and summery. Some even include special ingredients in their popcorn like shredded coconut, strawberries pieces, or lemon zest.

Frozen yogurt or ice cream

Do you and your family like to make your own frozen yogurt or ice cream? Try making a tub’s worth of your favorite flavor and bringing it to your neighbors for a sweet surprise. You could even try making sorbet if you’d like fruit to be the main attraction of your treat.

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