The Stages of DIY Projects

the stages of DIY projects

14 Aug The Stages of DIY Projects

Perhaps you have heard of the 5 stages of grief, did you know that there are stages of DIY projects? These are the emotional stages that DIYers go through while they work on a project. Read more about them and see if you have experienced any of these stages. 

Enthusiasm. In the initial phases of planning a DIY project, you feel an idealistic sense of optimism and excitement. You’ve got a great project planned and it’s going to go so well and turn out perfectly. Maybe you should call HGTV, because this project is going to go so well it should be broadcasted to the whole world. You have such high expectations. This isn’t a bad thing; in fact you need this excitement at the beginning to motivate you to begin your projects. But it can lead to letdown and disappointment later on if you don’t reign it in.

Overwhelmed. Once you start digging into the details of a project. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many supplies required, and it all costs money. Maybe you have no idea what you’re doing and will have to learn new skills along way. When you sit down and actually start a project, it can all be so overwhelming. Make sure not to quit or become too overwhelmed.
If your big DIY project is renovating your kitchen, we’ve strived to provide as many helpful resources as we can to make this part of the process less overwhelming. Check out our measuring guide to learn how to make sure everything fits properly, and our installation guide to help you put it all together. Plus, we guarantee the lowest prices, so you don’t have to stress about your budget.

Renewed Vigor. Once you actually get going, the project doesn’t seem so hard anymore. You’re in the DIY groove, and everything is going smoothly. You get a ton of tasks accomplished, and you’re basically invincible. You just can’t get enough of working on your project. Everything else gets put on hold–eating, sleeping, everything–so that you can keep working. Everything goes great until suddenly you hit a wall and reach the next stage.

Burn-Out. If you’re working on a big project, you’ll probably reach this stage near the end. It feels like you’ve been working forever, and you’re still not done. If you’re working on a home project, you’re probably sick of not having access to a kitchen, or a functioning washer and dryer, or whatever room you’re working on. It’s tiring. Luckily, you’re almost to the finish line. If you can just keep going, soon you’ll reach the next stage.

Sense of Accomplishment. This is why we do DIY projects (and to save money. But mostly a sense of accomplishment). It feels so good to look at a project and know that you did that. They always say that food you grew yourself tastes better, and food you cook in a kitchen you built yourself also tastes better. There is no better feeling than a sense of pride in a job well done.

Repeat. Once you finish a project, the sense of pride seems to wash away all of the stress from throughout the project, and you forget how hard it was. All you can remember is how good it feels, and you want to start again on a new project. You’ve been meaning to replace the bathroom vanity, so why not do the whole room…

And so the cycle continues.

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