Spring Cleaning In Your Kitchen

01 Mar Spring Cleaning In Your Kitchen

Washing DishesIt has come time once again to do a little bit of spring cleaning.  While you are starting to clean your home, don’t forget about your kitchen! Don’t forget to clean the following six places in your kitchen that are normally forgotten.

Refrigerator Coils

You should vacuum your refrigerator coils at least twice a year to keep your refrigerator running at its best. Carefully pull your refrigerator away from the wall, and then unplug the it (don’t worry, it will be quick!).  Locate your refrigerator coils, and then carefully vacuum the coils with the hose of your vacuum.  Use a small brush to carefully remove any dirt or debris that is still on the coils.  Plug your refrigerator back in and push it back against the wall.  


Your dishwasher gets a lot of buildup inside that you may not be aware of.  In order to clean it, empty your dishwasher, and then clean out the food trap at the bottom.  Then run your dishwasher empty with two cups of vinegar into it to clean it out and get rid of any odors.  


Appliances such as toasters and coffee makers rarely get the cleaning that they deserve.  Before you begin cleaning any appliances, make sure that they are unplugged.  


To clean your toaster, take your toaster to the sink or garbage can (as it is a messy job), and remove the tray at the bottom.  Turn it upside down to gently shake any remaining crumbs out of the machine.  Wash the tray with soapy water if it is still crumby.  Replace the tray. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth, and dry it before using.  

Coffee Maker

Run a pot of water mixed with ¼ cup of vinegar to decalcify your coffee maker.  Follow it with two full pots of water to get rid of the smell and taste.  Use a sponge or brush to remove any excess debris.  


Because your food is always in your pantry, it rarely gets cleaned.  Start by removing food off of one shelf, wiping it down with a clorox wipe and then replacing the food.  Do this with all of the shelves.  If you take one shelf at a time, it is easier to put everything back where it belongs.  While you are cleaning your pantry, make sure that you throw away any old or expired food as well.  


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