Save Time in the Kitchen

25 Jan Save Time in the Kitchen

Clock on the tableMaking home-cooked meals can sometimes seem like a chore.  It takes a long time to prepare, cook, and clean up meals.  While you want to prepare healthy meals for family, it is much more convenient to buy fast food.  Do not worry! With these six time saving tips, you will be able to spend less time in your kitchen and more time with your family, and still prepare the healthy meals you want to.

Stock Your Pantry

Make sure that your pantry is stocked and well organized with ingredients that you use often.  Keep a running shopping list so that you know what you need to buy every time you go to the store, based on what is running low.  Remember to keep your pantry organized so that you can easily find your necessary ingredients.

Freeze Meals

With a little bit of planning, you can make extra food than what you might need at every meal.  Then, you can freeze the ingredients (or the leftovers) in ready-to make packets that you can pop into the oven for a meal in the future.  

Plan Ahead

Plan your meals every Sunday instead of at 5 pm that night.  Make a shopping list as part of that planning to make sure that you have everything that you will need.  You can decide what meals will take the most time, and you can even prepare some of those meal the night before if you need to.  Hold yourself accountable by putting the meal plan somewhere visible, like the fridge.   

Use High Quality Equipment

While it is more expensive to buy high quality equipment (such as knives, cookware, and other utensils), using high quality ingredients will ultimately save you time in in the long run.  Knives are especially important to keep sharp and high quality.  You will have an easier time preparing your meals if you have good equipment.

Get Everything Ready

As you prepare to cook, take the time to lay everything out before you begin.  Make sure that all of the measuring tools, bowls, and ingredients are within reach.  Prep ingredients the night before or in the morning so that you can quickly grab them and begin cooking.  If you are using a fresh ingredient such as vegetables the next day, cut them up in batches to save time the next meal.  

Clean As You Go

As you are preparing your meal, clean your workspace and materials as you go.  While you are waiting for something to cook or if you need to let something sit for a minute, wash your dishes that you won’t be using later.  When you are finished eating your meal, the only thing you will have to worry about is whatever dishes you used on the table.  


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