Dark Glazed RTA Cabinets

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Our Dark Glazed cabinets have a raised panel center. They feature an elegant finish and distressing that goes well with anything, from white bathroom fixtures to steel kitchen appliances to thematic office decorations. The cabinets look particularly good with cherry wooden furniture and dark walnut furnishings. You can use them to create a classical or contemporary look.

The dark glazing and distressing of these cabinets also make them great for any space and use you can think of. Like all our cabinets, the Dark Glazed cabinets are wholesale and ready to assemble, making them not only beautiful, but affordable as well.

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Cabinet Boxes

Our cabinet “boxes” are made of a high-density particle board core of 5/8″ that is sandwiched between maple melamine skins that have been bonded to the interior and exterior surfaces through a heat process.  We also band most of the edges.  The reason for using the high-density particle board rather than plywood, is that it provides the same strength of plywood of the same thickness without the warping issues of plywood.  Therefore, we have no need of corner, back or side bracing as is often the case with plywood boxes.  Also, the bonded maple melamine skins make it more resistant to liquids than does plywood. 

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