Your cabinets have arrived, and you’ve installed them in your home, and they look wonderful. You’ve never been happier with the way your kitchen or bathroom looks with these brand new cabinets, and the amount of money you saved using RTA made the whole process a lot more enjoyable than you thought it could be. And now that everything is installed and looking great… what should you do with the boxes and crates your cabinets came in?

Well, we’ve had a few of our customers let us know what they’ve turned their cabinet crates into, and WE ARE IMPRESSED! Take a look at some of these projects our customers have completed, and used these crates without letting them go to waste…

“Just thought I would share how we re-used one of the shipping crates and turned it into a combination Pygmy goat and mini-pig hut for my daughter’s little mini-farm. The tall opening is where the goats go in and the small opening is where the two little pigs cuddle up. We put a divider in between and hinged the lid for easy clean-out. The box is strong enough to hold the weight of the goats when they decide to play king of the hill! LOL”

What sorts of things have you used your crates for? Do you have any ideas? Let us know!