Quick Tips For Bathroom Organization

22 Dec Quick Tips For Bathroom Organization

Shelves in bathroomIt may seem like your bathroom is overflowing with personal hygiene products, makeup, towels, medicine, hair styling tools, etc. It is time to take responsibility and take back your bathroom. It only takes a few minutes and a few tools to clean up your space, so what are you waiting for? Follow the four tips below to organize your bathroom today.

Throw Things Away
You probably have perfumes or lotions that you have not used in years, just get rid of them. If you have anything that is expired (especially medication), get rid of it immediately. If you have a lot of different makeup products that you just don’t use, throw them out. Chances are you won’t use them in the next few years either. Even if you have old makeup that you rarely use, it should be thrown out. Makeup is essentially a petrie dish for bacteria, so get rid of anything you haven’t used in a while.

Give Your Items Homes
The best way to stay organized is to make sure everything has a place, and then make sure everything goes in its place. Get small organizing tools such as jars, bags, and baskets to sort your items. Use a silverware organizer to sort small items like hair elastics, bobby pins, makeup brushes, etc. Once you put things in a bin, label it if it is not obvious what is in there. Get plastic tubs for hair products and fill them with the things you use. Only keep everyday items out on the counter such as soaps and toothbrushes. Everything else should be put away.

Get an Over-the-Toilet Organizer
If you are pressed for space, get a shelving unit to put behind your toilet. There is a lot of unused landscape behind the toilet that can change your life. You can pick one up anywhere from $20-$100. Just make sure that it is sturdy so that objects won’t fall off it and into the toilet if you accidentally bump it.

Hang Things Up
Give yourself more space under the cabinets by hanging things up. This includes towels and hair styling tools. Install more hooks in your bathroom so that you can hang more towels. You can get a caddy for your styling tools that can hang over the side of the sink or on a towel rack. You will be amazed how much cleaner your space is! Most caddies are also heat-proof so you can put your curling iron away right after you use it rather than letting it sit out on the counter creating a mess.

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