Organizing New Kitchen Christmas Gifts in Your Cabinets

Organize kitchen with christmas gifts

31 Dec Organizing New Kitchen Christmas Gifts in Your Cabinets

So, you scored some awesome new gear for your kitchen? Santa really did pull through! But, if you’re wondering where you’re going to put that awesome new toaster oven or a fantastic set of utensils, we’ve got you covered. Check out these kitchen organization tips to store all your new goods without a hitch.

1. Install Pop-Up Shelves

Pop-up shelves will make a small kitchen seem twice as big by maximizing storage space in every cupboard. Stack your pop-up shelves vertically and see how much more space you can get out of your cabinets and then use them to organize your new pretty plates, cups, bowls, and more.

2. Get Coordinating Containers

There’s nothing like a brand new set of air-tight containers to make you do a happy dance every time you open the pantry. If you’ve been gifted a set for Christmas, use them to store your dry pantry goods like rice, pasta, cereal, and more.

3. Go Crazy with the Labeler

A labeler is every organization freak’s dream come true. Take your project one step further by labeling every jar and container with a custom label. You’ll love knowing exactly where every ingredient should go, and never having to guess if you’re grabbing the sugar or salt again.

4. Install a Pull-Out Drawer

Have you been gifted a trendy new charcuterie board this Christmas? If so, you may need a new place to store all your nice wooden boards and pans. Install a pull-out drawer to have easy access for all your parties and family gatherings in 2020.

5. Use a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are a retro-fabulous tool that still delivers practicality for your kitchen storage needs. If you’re excited about your exotic new spice set, make sure you put it to use by organizing everything in an easy-to-access Lazy Susan.

6. Divide Your Tools

Those who received a stocking full of little kitchen tools will need a great way to keep them organized. Install drawer dividers to do just that. You’ll love opening the drawer and seeing all of your spoons and spatulas perfectly lined up in tidy rows.

7. Display Cookbooks on the Counter

When you receive a new cookbook, you’ll likely be excited to use it and will reach for it over and over in the coming year. Make sure it’s easy to get to by displaying your cookbooks on the counter. Invest in some new stylish bookends and you’ll be able to keep them upright, next to all of your cooking supplies.

8. Add a Magnetic Knife Strip

Wondering where to put your fresh new knife set? Install a magnetic knife strip to keep your knives as sharp as possible and ensure you can easily reach for them when you’re in the middle of whipping up your favorite soup.

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