One Way to Simplify Your Cooking Process

11 Feb One Way to Simplify Your Cooking Process

Close up of vegetables cooking in a skillet“I need a spatula to flip these pancakes. Where did it get put away? And the whisk for the eggs? Hmm…I know there’s measuring spoons in here somewhere.” Sound familiar? Then it sounds like it’s time you organize those kitchen drawers.

Give yourself 1-2 hours when the kitchen is empty. Right after a meal is good because nobody will be cooking for at least a few hours.

Before emptying the drawers decide how you want to rearrange everything. Put sticky notes on each drawer of what you want to store in there. You can do this ahead of time. Spend a couple days thinking about where you’d like to move stuff.

Arrange items according to how you move throughout the kitchen. For example, put cooking utensils near the stove where they are easy to grab; hot pads by the oven; plastic containers and foil near the refrigerator to store leftovers. Silverware is typically the last thing you grab before sitting down to the table, so place it near the outside of your kitchen.

Your most common items should be the most accessible. Stick unpopular and seasonal items in bottom drawers. This will be different for each family. For example, if you love to bake you probably use mixing bowls twice a day. Put them where they’re simple to grab. If you fry most of your food then those mixing bowls might only get touched once a week, so no need to have them too handy. Hand towels are often stored in lower drawers unless you constantly need one for cleaning then move them up higher. Make sense? There is no “one size fits all” for organizing a kitchen.

Empty the drawers
One the drawers are labeled roll up your sleeves and open those drawers. Pull out everything and set on the counter or table. Keep like items grouped together. If it’s dirty, put it in the dishwasher. If you don’t use it, put it in a donation box because this is also a good time to de-clutter.

Wipe down the inside of the drawers while they’re empty. Place liners on the bottom for an extra nice look.

Put everything back
Match items to their sticky note and place in the appropriate drawer. Don’t just throw everything in. Place the items in an orderly fashion. This is where drawer organizers come in handy. Most of us have one for our silverware but they also work well for cooking utensils. Thin wooden boards work well as dividers because you can customize them for any size.

If what you need is more drawer space then look for items you can move out. Store foil and plastic wrap in the pantry. Stick spatulas and cooking spoons in a container on the counter.

Once you’re finished prepare for a couple days of confusion as you get used to your new kitchen. You might even want to leave the sticky notes for a little while. Once you get the hang of it cooking will be easier.

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