New Year’s Resolutions For Your 2017 Home Remodel

new years resolutions for your home remodel

06 Jan New Year’s Resolutions For Your 2017 Home Remodel

A new year of course brings the perfect time to start making new goals. It’s common to make some health and fitness goals, some personal goals involving finding more time for yourself, and maybe some financial goals. Why not make some home remodeling goals while you’re at it?

Will 2017 finally be the year you replace that linoleum floor in your kitchen? Or will it be the year you rip down that mid-90’s wallpaper you were convinced at one time was timeless? Don’t forget to replace that furniture you’ve been staring at for years now, always wishing there was something better to take its place.

We’ve listed a few new year’s resolution ideas to get you thinking about your 2017 home remodel:

  1. Paint the walls One of the quickest, and easiest, ways to make a drastic change in your home is to paint the walls a new color. Bright, confident colors can come and go quickly, so if you decided on a color five years ago that you now hate, get excited about making the change! Check out some of these color trends that are sure to work for 2017.
  2. Deep clean your entire house. Sometimes just cleaning up the house will work wonders. Declutter some of the piles your kitchen has acquired, and try getting rid of some things you never use. After the clutter is taken care of, really try for a deep clean that will make your home look new again. If you’re still not happy, then it’s probably time for an actual remodel.
  3. Add some tech to your home. Everyone knows that technology has many advantages. A fun way to make some drastic changes to your home is to add technology. Whether this means installing solar panels to preserve energy, adding a video doorbell, or simply buying an Amazon Echo, you’re sure to update your home by finding the latest technology. See some other cool tech gadgets for your home here.
  4. Add shiplap or brick to an interior wall. A cool trend we’re seeing more and more of is adding shiplap walls to kitchens, or even a brick accent wall in a kitchen or living room area. Both of these add a modern touch to your home, but still keep a classic, home-like feel.
  5. Install new cabinets. If you want to update your kitchen or bathroom, the first step is to pick out some new cabinets. Our suggestion is to look at Ready To Assemble, or RTA cabinets. These cabinets give you an updated modern look, but without breaking the bank. Since you assemble and install your own cabinets – don’t worry, it’s easy – the cost of the actual cabinets is significantly lower. This way you’ll have the budget to remodel your kitchen or bathroom the way you actually want to.

What will 2017 bring your home in the way of remodels? Connect with us on Facebook and let us know about your kitchen or bathroom remodels!

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