Maximizing Smaller Cabinet Spaces

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01 Mar Maximizing Smaller Cabinet Spaces

Popularized on several TV shows in recent years, tiny houses are becoming all the rage in many parts of the country. These homes are meant to be small and modest, sacrificing space and maximizing the way it’s used.

At Knotty Alder Cabinets, however, we’re here to tell you that you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice space when it comes to your cabinets, even if you have a smaller kitchen or home. Here are some basic tips for how to measure and size RTA kitchen cabinets, plus how to use the space that’s available to you well.

Choosing Proper Size and Shape

The primary factor in a successful design here is choosing the right size and shape for them. Some cabinets were simply made for large, standard kitchens, while others were designed to fit into smaller spaces.

When doing this kind of research, always be cognizant of where other appliances will go along with the actual cabinet dimension thresholds. One simple bit of forgetfulness here could lead to a cabinet or drawer that doesn’t have space to open, or can only open while another cabinet is closed.


Naturally, the primary method of accomplishing the above is through proper measuring. This should be done well in advance – small homes can have unique shapes to their design, so you’ll want to take time to do it right. Take measurements multiple times to be certain of your numbers.

Hooks and Accessories

Cabinets have a finite storage space, but using the right accessories can increase your storage space. Use hooks and magnetic strips to hold things like utensils, pots, and cutlery – this saves space in drawers and cabinets, and you can use that for other items. This also makes it easier to store essential utensils in easy-to-reach places, rather than having to go through a drawer or cabinet to locate them.

For more on how to make cabinets fit into a smaller space, or to learn about any of our RTA kitchen cabinets, speak to the pros at Knotty Alder Cabinets today.

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