Making the Most of the Space in Your Bathroom

making the most of the space in your bathroom

27 Mar Making the Most of the Space in Your Bathroom

Most bathrooms occupy very little space in the home, but actually require a fair amount of storage for things such as towels, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and of course spare toilet paper. Stuffing everything under the sink unorganized is a surefire way to lose track of everything you need, and to make it hard to access your everyday items.

Organization is key in order to maximize the space in your bathroom. Generally, you’ll have some space under the sink, as well as a small amount of counter space. You can also utilize the back of your door, and sometimes a medicine cabinet or a small shelf. Here are a few tips to maximize bathroom cabinet and counter space:

Add a small plastic caddy to your bathroom cabinet drawer

Try to find a small plastic storage container that will have small areas for storing odds and ends such as fingernail clippers, makeup, tweezers and anything else you may use on a daily basis. You can even use a silverware caddy if you can’t find a different organizer.

Install small hooks under the sink

There is quite a bit of storage underneath the sink in most bathroom cabinets. Try installing small hooks along the side, or even on the doors that swing out. Adding hooks gives you a great place to hang washcloths, cleaning brushes, blow dryers or anything else that will fit.

Shoe Organizer

Look for a shoe organizer designed to hang on the back of a door. You can alter the organizer to store hair products, small towels and anything else that will fit in each compartment. Most shoe organizers have several compartments perfect for storing small items like curling irons or makeup items.

Set of Drawers

Find a small stack of plastic drawers that you can place either under the sink, or even next to the bathroom cabinets. This is a perfect system for keeping all of your everyday items together.

Over-The-Toilet Storage

Although this may not be the most clever way to save space, it definitely works. Using shelves that fit perfectly over your toilet are ideal for storing bathroom items that you’ll need access to almost every day. You can find one online that matches our white shaker RTA cabinets at  

We’d love to hear more ways on how to save space in your bathroom! Leave us a comment below to let us know what you’ve done to maximize your bathroom space.


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