Making Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly for Summer

25 Jun Making Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly for Summer

daughter and mom cookingSummer means that the kids are out of school and spending more time in the home. And because the kitchen is so often the center of a home, it’s always a great idea to make sure that your kitchen is as kid-friendly as possible. How is this done with the variety of knives, heavy appliances, and hot objects that populate the kitchen? Here are some tips to making the kitchen a safe place for children.

Safety first.

Of course, a kitchen isn’t truly kid-friendly if it doesn’t make safety in the kitchen a priority. Keep cleaning products and chemicals out of reach in a high cabinet or on a high shelf in a closet. Keep electrical cords away from the edges of the countertop, and be sure to keep rugs secure so that they do not slip under a child’s feet. Also be sure to keep knives in a secure area. It’s also a good idea to remove the tablecloth from your kitchen table if there is one so that your child does not pull on it and risk injury with hot foods and heavy table items.

Have a stool handy.

If you like to teach your kids to cook alongside you, or if they are old enough to fetch their own bowls and utensils for making easy meals, then it’s a good idea to have a stool handy. This will keep your kids from improvising with unstable chairs and possible injuring themselves.

Organize a snack space.

If you don’t already, organize spaces in your pantry and fridge dedicated to snacks for your kids that are easy to grab. You could even dedicate a particular drawer or cabinet to snacks for your kids. Just make sure that these special spaces for snacks are low enough to make for easy access for your kids. Our post on organizing your kitchen for snack attacks has some great additional tips on this.

Make kid-size dishes and utensils easily accessible.

Similarly, your kids will be able to participate more in preparing their own snacks if they can access their bowls, cups, plates, and utensils in lower drawers and cabinets.

Install a chalkboard or dry erase board.

If your children like to be near you while you are busy preparing meals, consider installing a chalkboard or dry erase board within your children’s reach so that your children can stay entertained during meal preparation.

Is your cabinetry up-to-date with the latest kid-friendly conveniences such as pullout trays and a lazy susan? Give us a call today if you’re considering making the most out of your cabinet space with new cabinet features that offer modern convenience to the family that is always on the go.

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