How to Organize a Kitchen without a Pantry

08 Sep How to Organize a Kitchen without a Pantry

small pantryA large kitchen with plenty of storage space is surely every homeowner’s dream, but that kind of a kitchen can be hard to come by. You may very well find that your kitchen lacks even a pantry, which leaves you to get creative on how you’re going to store your food and kitchen utensils. If you’re looking for creative ways to store food in your kitchen without a pantry, here are some key tips that you need to know.

Opt for space-saving containers

You’ll likely have to reserve some of your cabinet space for your food, and this is where space-saving airtight containers will prove invaluable. Consider keeping kitchen staples like flour, sugar, rice, and popcorn kernels in airtight containers that are rectangular-shaped for convenient organization. The best containers will be clear and stackable and will come in various heights so that you can choose what best suits your cabinet space.

Keep canisters on your counter

If your counter space can afford it, consider making decorative canisters your form of decoration for the countertop. You can keep frequently used ingredients in them such as flour and sugar, leaving you with more space in your cabinets.

Try under-shelf baskets

Don’t let that open air space between your shelves go unused. You can opt for under-shelf baskets that will store smaller items such as tea bags, spices, or measuring utensils.

Look for unused spaces

A highly space-efficient kitchen will make use of every nook and cranny—even those unexpected spaces. You might, for example, hang your measuring cups on the bag of a cabinet door to make use of that space, or install a rod for hanging utensils along your backsplash.

Seek alternate storage for excess food

Do you frequently buy certain foods in bulk, only to have trouble finding the space to keep it all? Try creating a space in a nearby area—on a safe shelf in your laundry room, for example—for shelf-stable foods such as canned vegetables, dry pasta, and unopened cereal boxes.

Consolidate your kitchen utensils

Your many utensils, of course, will be competing for valuable cabinet and drawer space in your kitchen. This is when it’s time to consider what gets to stay in your kitchen and what you might need to consolidate. If you have an overload of plastic food storage containers, for example (and who doesn’t?), it may be a good idea to invest in a new, space-saving set of containers that just covers your needs. If you have a selection of large mixing bowls, now might be the time to invest in a set of nesting bowls. If there is space on your kitchen wall to hang commonly used utensils, or on your countertop to set a crock of utensils, use those storage methods to save on cabinet and drawer space.

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