Hide Your Christmas Presents in the Kitchen

01 Dec Hide Your Christmas Presents in the Kitchen

hiding presentsTrying to figure out creative, yet secret places to hide gifts from your kids can seem like quite the chore! As your children age, the more clever they are and they are more likely to find your hiding places. While some of the best hiding places include the attic, the neighbor’s house, and your workplace, today we will discuss a fabulous place to hide your children’s presents that you probably didn’t think of — your kitchen. Chances are, unless they are helping you cook, your children won’t be playing in your kitchen cupboards. Doing dishes is a chore, so why would they voluntarily submit themselves to search through the cabinets? Read on for four clever places that you can hide presents in your kitchen.

Less Used Cabinets
Every kitchen has a few cupboards that you just can’t quite reach. This is normally the cupboards over the stove and the fridge. Usually you keep egg trays, party platters, and other items you rarely use in these cupboards. Tuck the presents behind these vases and jugs to keep them away from the prying eyes of your children. Just make sure that you don’t accidentally ask one of them to get down the party platter that is concealing their Star Wars toy!

Pots and Pans
Hide smaller presents inside large pots and pans. Chances are, your kids will not look within them because you will be the one who is cooking. If you have a crock-pot, that also is a wonderful place to hide Christmas gifts because most people rarely use their crock pots.

Under the Bottom Drawer
Sometimes, there is a space below the bottom of the drawer in the kitchen drawers. If you have that space, pop out the bottom drawer, and stick the present in hiding underneath the drawer. Just make sure to clean out the area before you put the present there, or you may end up with dust bunny jewelry.

Empty Food Containers
If you just barely used up the last of your penne noodles, that box is an excellent place to store small presents. Your kids will never even think to look within it for their gifts. The same works for empty rice boxes, cake mixes, etc. If you are concerned that your kids might start snooping, glue the boxes shut as if they were brand new.

A Word of Caution
Make sure that you keep a list of where you hid all of the presents, otherwise that barbie doll you hid in the box of keepsakes may not see the light of day for a few years! Keep the list in a secret place, like a folder on your computer that needs a password, or in a secret note on your phone.

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