Fun Valentine’s Day Decor for the Kitchen

12 Feb Fun Valentine’s Day Decor for the Kitchen

valentines kitchen decorValentine's Day is perhaps one of the best holidays when it comes to decorations. You can deck out your entire house, but don’t forget your kitchen. Use your creativity and the lovey-dovey theme to bring out the best in your fabulous cabinetry and dining table. Carry the magic of this holiday to the next level with these striking kitchen decor ideas.

Edible Decor

The kitchen is a place of food, so why not use it for decorating purposes? Make sugar cookies shaped like hearts. Decorate strawberries and display them on a fancy platter on your bar. Whatever food you make, just make sure you don’t leave it out too long, which really shouldn’t be too difficult if you do your job right—delicious treats always go fast.

Lovey Table

Make sure your table reflects the cheeriness of the holiday with pink and red table dressings. Spread heart-shaped doilies across the table, and don’t forget the centerpiece. Fill a jar with confetti hearts, for example. If you have plenty of red, pink and white for your table decor, you can’t go wrong!

Floral Arrangements

Flowers are certainly in style during the holiday of love, so you should use that to your advantage. Arrange them in vases, bowls, and garlands to be spread around your kitchen. With spring just around the corner, use the flowers to brighten up the kitchen and welcome the upcoming season.

Heart Attack

Spice up your cabinetry with a loving decoration. Heart attack your cabinet doors with paper hearts in pinks, reds, and white. To make your kitchen even more inviting, add personalized notes for those in your family. These notes on your cabinetry can spread the love around your whole house.


Jars of all kind make great decor items, especially in your kitchen. Use mason jars, tall vases, and ornately lidded jars to display gorgeous holiday decorations. Fill them with red, pink, and white balls of all sizes and designs. You can fill these jars with pretty much anything cute and Valentines Day-esque.

V-Day Garlands

Your kitchen windows will need holiday adornments, and Valentines Day garlands are the perfect way to do just that. First collect your string. Depending on the style you want to use, select from yarn, lace, twine, or even strips of burlap. Then, collect anything that resembles Valentine’s Day and attach it to your string. With a little creative intuition, you can’t go wrong!

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