Fresh Produce to Bring into Your Kitchen this Fall

08 Oct Fresh Produce to Bring into Your Kitchen this Fall

apples and pearsWith the changing leaves and temperatures that come with the fall season, there also comes a change in available fruits and vegetables for delicious fall time meals. To ensure you have the tastiest and freshest produce this fall, first check out your local farmers markets, along with the local produce aisles.

It is important to keep in mind that a particular fruit that is in season in one region might not be in season in your region due to climate. You have many types of fresh produce to choose from for adding to your fall ingredient list this year, such as sage, figs, quince, mushrooms, and winter squash. Here are five of the sweetest and tastiest fruits and veggies to bring into your home this season—and how to select the very best ones when you buy.


Apples make a delicious contribution to any fall time meal. There are thousands (yes, thousands) of varieties of apples to choose from, meaning you can always find the perfect one that will make a recipe tasty and delicious. In order to ensure you are selecting the best apples, make sure that they are fresh in smell and appearance, with no brown spots or bruises. Additionally, the skins must be firm and smooth.

Sweet Potatoes

There are two types of sweet potatoes that will be make a great contribution to any kitchen this fall—pale skinned and dark skinned sweet potatoes. Dark skinned sweet potatoes have a thicker skin and are much sweeter than the light skinned potatoes. Light skinned potatoes are much less sweet, and have a drier, more crumbly texture. Both types of sweet potatoes make great fall recipes.


Pears are a very adaptable fruit. They can be used in multiple meals, such as pie, sauces, and strudels. The best way to test if a pear is ripe is by pressing down gently near the pear stem. If it gives slightly, it’s sweet, ripe, and ready for you to enjoy.


A member of the cabbage family, cauliflower is a delicious vegetable that is suitable for any autumn meal. The sturdier the cauliflower, the better. The size of the cauliflower head does not affect the quality; however, ensure that you are not picking heads that have yellowing leaves. The greener the leaf on the cauliflower head, the fresher the taste will be.


A staple with any autumn meal is pumpkin. Fresh pie pumpkin tastes much richer than canned pumpkin when available. Smaller pumpkins are sweeter than larger pumpkins, so look for pumpkins that are roughly 5 to 8 ounces in size.


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