Festive Kitchen Decor for Fall

15 Sep Festive Kitchen Decor for Fall

fall decorLooking to bring the fall season into your home after the long, warm summer months? Here are some great ways to add a fall touch to your kitchen.

Harvest themed basket

Try creating your own decorative centerpiece for the kitchen table or island by filling a basket with decorative fall produce. You might include various types of squash, corn husks, and sprigs of berries.

Produce filled cornucopia

Looking for an elegant centerpiece for special occasion fall-season dinners? Find a decorative cornucopia and fill it with seasonal produce such as pears, apples, and whole nuts.

Wheat stalk bouquet

For a fresh take on the bouquet centerpiece, you can tie together a large bunch of wheat stalks and set them in a decorative vase. For an added touch of fall, you can set the vase on a tray and surround it with small, decorative squash.

Colored leaf bouquet

Similarly, you might swap out flowers for small, decorative (faux) branches of orange, yellow, and red leaves, displaying them in a pretty place in the center of your table.

Filled clear vase

Have a large cylindrical vase? These are great for filling with all kinds of items for perfectly season-appropriate decoration. Try filling a large, clear vase with pomegranates, fresh apples, cinnamon sticks, or acorns. You might even fill a vase partway and set a tall decorative candle in the middle.


Pumpkins make for perhaps the easiest fall decor item of all, and you can opt for either real or fake ones. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors as well, so you can always find something that suits your kitchen space perfectly. Line small pumpkins along a windowsill, or set a variety of pumpkins in a nice bowl on your kitchen island.

Burlap table runner

You might have all kinds of ideas for centerpieces, but what about table linens? Try laying out a simple, long piece of burlap to serve as your table runner. This will serve as a perfect surface for placing fall-themed centerpieces and candles of various sizes.

Stovetop potpourri

This might qualify more as a fragrance than a decoration, but it will complete the fall atmosphere in your home by bringing the aroma of fall to your kitchen. Stovetop potpourri is very simple, and several different mixtures will give you a fall scent that you love. You might, for example, boil some orange slices, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, and cloves together in a large pot with water, or simply boil some apple slices with some cinnamon.

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