Fall Produce Guide

fall produce guide

29 Sep Fall Produce Guide

We are officially one week into Fall! The air is cooling, leaves are changing, and its time for all of the delicious autumn fruits and vegetables to come in to season. 

Here’s a list of some surprising produce that will only be available, or at their best, these next few months. Stock your kitchen with fall harvest goodness!

Apples: Apples are a summer/fall fruit being perfectly ripe between the months of August and November. A few varieties are only available during the fall though, so give those a try before they’re out of season.

Blackberries: Blackberries are in season until the end of October!

Broccoli: Broccoli is available all of the time but is at its peak during the colder months.
Chestnuts: Roasting on an open fire, like the song says, it just one way to enjoy this fall-time nut.
Cranberries: It’s pretty much a crime to not have cranberry sauce at some point during the fall. 
Eggplants: Not just a playful emoji, but a tasty nutritious treat for any time of day.
Figs: Not just for Newtons.
Grapefruit: Perfect as a juice or a refreshing snack.
Guava: This tropical fruit will be in season at the beginning of November.
Kale: Kale is gross, but healthy!
Kiwi: These fuzzy little guys are just coming into season, so make sure you grab some!
Pomegranates: Super difficult to eat, but worth it.
These are just a few items that you can stock your kitchen and pantry with to make sure your fall is full of delicious fruits and veggies!
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