Fall Kitchen Necessities

17 Sep Fall Kitchen Necessities

Grab mushrooms this fallWhen you think of fall don’t you think of the smells that fill your kitchen? Pumpkin spice, warm apple cider, maple, and your mom’s homemade chili cooking in the oven. Mmmm, you are getting hungry just reading this.

Fall is one of the best seasons for cooking, so of course you need to make sure you have the necessities stocked up. Here are some autumn cuisine must-haves:



These nutrient-enriched fungi are at their peak in the fall and winter months. It is best to hand-pick mushrooms at the grocery store or farmer’s market. Make sure to get ones that are equal size for an even cook and avoid ones that smell of mildew. Mushrooms provide an earthy taste to many high-end recipes including mushroom lasagna, mushroom risotto, wild mushroom stuffing, stuffed mushrooms, mushroom and goat cheese queso, and much more.


Don’t judge a fig by its cover. The most flavorful figs are often shrunken and wrinkled and may even be cracked—they’ll also be ripe if they’re heavy for their size. Figs are a great way to elevate any recipe, but are especially good for arugula salads, focaccia and parmesan bread, crostata, thyme and ricotta pizza, tarts, and goat cheese and onion sandwiches.


Apples are best from September to November and there are so many things you can do with them! We all know they’re great for dessert: apple pie, apple tarts, apple cobbler, apple crisp, the list is endless. You can also make your own apple cider with freshly picked apples from an orchard—make it a family outing. What most people don’t know is that apples are also great for entrées. Roasted apples with pork chops and onions are divine, as well as apple coleslaw, chicken thighs with apples and garlic, apple and cheddar grilled cheese, roasted turkey with apple stuffing, whole wheat apple pizza, basically the sky's the limit. Take a risk this fall and use apples in an entrée; you will not be sorry.



Cloves add a savory delight to meat glazes and sauces, but are also delicious in mulled apple cider and other unexpected fall foods like tea, walnuts, and pumpkins. Clove even has health benefits as it is a mild anaesthetic and anti-bacterial agent.


Cinnamon is an amazing spice for nearly every fall recipe. This is definitely a must have—even put a cinnamon candle on your dining room table when you aren’t cooking with it. It is known for its anti-inflammatory components and use for controlling blood sugar.

Kitchen Spruce Up

With all this cooking you’re doing, you deserve for your kitchen to look nice. Indulge on a nice entrée dish to put your ham on, a new tile backsplash, or even new cabinets. High-quality wood cabinets will make your kitchen look homey and comfortable as well as refined and classy. Check out our inventory online and give us a call today.  Give yourself the fall present you’ve always wanted!

Enjoy this year’s fall season with your family and cook to your heart’s content.

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