Essential Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving

01 Nov Essential Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving

roasting turkeyIf you’re going to be doing any food prep in your kitchen on Thanksgiving day—and chances are you will be—you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools on hand. Here is a brief, yet comprehensive guide to the kitchen utensils that come in handy especially when preparing a Thanksgiving dinner.

Roasting pan. A roasting pan is often the last cooking tool that homeowners spend their money on—they are used infrequently and can get pretty expensive, after all—but this pan is central to Thanksgiving meal preparation. A great roasting pan features even heat conduction technology and will come with a nonstick roasting rack. If you’re in a pinch, chances are that a neighbor has a set that won’t be seeing use on Thanksgiving day.

Twine. Unless your turkey comes with its legs already trussed, you’ll need some twine to tie the legs together before roasting.

Meat thermometer. For something higher tech and more convenient, try a remote thermometer, which will constantly monitor the meat’s temperature while the oven door is closed and will tell you when the turkey has reached the proper temperature.

Turkey baster. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to baste your turkey very frequently as it cooks; but you should splash it in cooking juices every now and again. This will help the skin on your turkey remain crisp and evenly browned.

Fat separator. This is one of the lesser-known Thanksgiving essentials. A fat separator allows you to save the flavorful pan drippings from the turkey while withholding the fat, helping you to make the perfect gravy.

Whisk. This kitchen utensil staple is essential for making perfect gravy.

Potato masher. Some mash their potatoes with a hand mixer, but potato mashers generally make mashed potatoes of a better consistency.

Aluminum foil. Make sure you’re in full stock of this before Thanksgiving day rolls around; you’ll need plenty of it to protect your food and keep it warm.

Microwave safe baking dishes. For preparing things like stuffing and mashed potatoes, you’re best off using microwave safe baking dishes so that you can zap things in the microwave as needed.

Pie dishes. Simple or decorative—it’s entirely up to you. Nine inches is probably the most popular pie dish size.

Rolling pin. If you plan on making pie from scratch, a rolling pin is a must have for perfect pie dough.

Pastry brush. Your pie recipe will likely have you brushing the crust with milk or beaten egg. Get a brush with natural bristles and a hardwood handle.

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