Easter Decor Made Easy

15 Apr Easter Decor Made Easy

Easter eggs with tulips lying on a table.It’s “so long” winter and “hello” spring as Easter bounces around the corner. What a great time to bring light back into your home with some colorful decor. Decorating for Easter doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, these fun ideas are about as easy as it gets.

Pastel colors

Whatever you buy in the right colors will look “easter-ish.” Pink, purple, green, blue, and yellow are the colors of choice. Pastels look springier, but bright hues also work. Buy a hand towel in one of these colors to hang on the oven. Replace your white candles with pastel ones, or wrap a colored ribbon around each candle or holder. Simple things like a pink bar of soap on the bathroom counter, a yellow vase, or a green rug can brighten a room.

Easter grass & eggs

Anything with Easter grass or eggs in it will match the seasonal look. You probably have at least a few containers around the house that would look pretty for such a display – bowls, baskets, or even gift bags. Fill the container with Easter grass (you can also use shredded colored paper) and arrange anything on top that goes with the season such as colored eggs, marshmallow bunnies, or colorful fruits and vegetables.

Put Easter grass on your shelves. You can arrange it between the items you already have on display, or temporarily replace your current decorations for Easter ones. Place colored eggs in random places on egg holders; candle holders work as well.

Do you have one of those cake stands with a glass cover? Turn the glass cover upside down and fill it with Easter grass and eggs. Place the stand over the lid, hold them firmly together, and flip it right side up. Viola! Now the decor is stuck inside. Other ways to use your cake stand are to arrange frames, flowers, or nests underneath the glass cover.


Fill transparent jars with Easter-colored candy pieces. These not only make a cute decoration but a yummy treat. Keep a hidden bag of extra candy for refills. You can also fill a vase with the candy then arrange silk flowers inside.


Bright flowers make your home feel like spring and boost your mood. Place flowers in a pot with Easter grass around the base.

Gather sticks from your yard and arrange them in a vase. You can paint the sticks, glue on paper flowers, or both.


Besides tying ribbon around candles and vases try tying a big bow around the back of your dining room chairs. Tie ribbons to the chandelier and let them dangle.

Easter decorations don’t need to be costly. In fact, the dollar store is your best friend when it comes to buying figurines and other decor. Even just a few items can go a long way to inviting a spring-like feel into your home. So hop to it and happy Easter!

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