22 Dec Quick Tips For Bathroom Organization

Shelves in bathroomIt may seem like your bathroom is overflowing with personal hygiene products, makeup, towels, medicine, hair styling tools, etc. It is time to take responsibility and take back your bathroom. It only takes a few minutes and a few tools to clean up your space, so what are you waiting for? We’ve got all the bathroom organization ideas you need to learn how to organize the bathroom cabinet under the sink, as well as how to organize the bathroom counter.
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01 Dec Hide Your Christmas Presents in the Kitchen

hiding presentsTrying to figure out creative, yet secret places to hide gifts from your kids can seem like quite the chore! As your children age, the more clever they are and they are more likely to find your hiding places. While some of the best hiding places include the attic, the neighbor’s house, and your workplace, today we will discuss a fabulous place to hide your children’s presents that you probably didn't think of — your kitchen. Chances are, unless they are helping you cook, your children won’t be playing in your kitchen cupboards. Doing dishes is a chore, so why would they voluntarily submit themselves to search through the cabinets? Read on for four clever places that you can hide presents in your kitchen.
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18 May How to Create a Well-Organized Pantry

organized pantryA well-organized pantry is central to maintaining a peaceful flow in your kitchen as well as prompting you to create more meals in the kitchen. Yet some kitchen pantry spaces can be extremely difficult to work with, resulting in a haphazard mess of food and cooking supplies in the kitchen. Here are some tips to optimizing your kitchen’s pantry space that will work with pretty much any pantry space you might have to work with.

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