Choosing the Right Finish

Choosing the Right Finish

One of the most challenging aspects of cabinet installation is choosing the right finish. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the right finish for your cabinetry is one of our specialties here at Knotty Alder, and we have the quality goods to back up our expertise.


Contemporary kitchen with a mocha finishAt Knotty Alder, we provide only the best finish options for the modern home. Our dark glazed cabinets feature an elegant finish that can be used with nearly any modern bathroom or kitchen style. The dark glaze also complements a wide variety of colors, making it a particularly versatile finish. We also offer shaker cabinets in a stylish mocha, matte finish, which can add style and sophistication to any kitchen, modern or traditional.

The Classic Look

If you’re looking for something that evokes a more traditional, homey feel, we have the options for you. Our natural stain cabinets have a beautiful, pristine finish that results in a classic honey color and attracts natural light. If you’re looking for something darker or more rustic, our glazed kitchen cabinets come in a warm brown finish that makes any cabinet look natural and unfinished.


If you aren’t quite sure what the rest of your kitchen will look like yet or you like to change up your kitchen often, our white shaker cabinets are for you! The white matches everything, from a modern kitchen with bright pops of color, to a more rustic farm house kitchen. They go well with almost any countertop and flooring option as well. 

You won’t find cabinets at our price that match our caliber of design and beauty. We take the time to perfectly execute every part of the design and manufacturing process, especially the quality of our finish. If you have any more questions about our premium finishes, or want consultation on what finish works best for you, feel free to contact us!

Take the Quiz

If you still aren’t sure which color of cabinets is best for you, don’t worry! We’ve designed this helpful quiz for you. Just answer questions about your style and we’ll tell you which color of cabinets is best for you!

What Color Cabinets Should You Get?

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What Color of Kitchen Cabinets Should You Get?

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