knotty alder customer referral program

20 Feb Customer Referral Program

What do you do when you find a great restaurant, or you see an awesome movie? You usually tell your family and friends about it! That's a natural response - we want others to experience the good things that we've experienced!  Have you yourself purchased RTA...

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the knotty alder promise

03 Feb The Knotty Alder Promise

People make promises all the time. By definition a promise is a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen. And so here's our promise. It is a guarantee. It is an assurance. No 'ifs' or...

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under cabinet lighting

13 Jan Light Underneath Your Cabinets

Let's assume that you've just purchased, assembled, and installed beautiful new cabinets from Knotty Alder. Now what? As great as your kitchen looks, there is more that you can do by way of decorating and designing to complete the appearance of your kitchen. One popular interior...

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