08 May Built-In Cabinet Racks for Spice and Why They’re Nice

Bottles of spice

There are several spaces hiding in your kitchen that are going to waste because they’re not used. Likewise, some objects are taking up valuable cabinet space in a place that’s not efficient. One way to change that is by adding a built-in spice rack.

A built-in spice rack takes up a small amount of surface area, so you can put it almost anywhere. It can hold dozens of spices in just three-inches of horizontal space - a thin section of cabinetry that was otherwise unusable. A spice rack is great for deep cabinets or hard to reach areas because it incorporates every inch from front to back, and top to bottom. Talk about efficiency!
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15 Apr Easter Decor Made Easy

Easter eggs with tulips lying on a table.It’s “so long” winter and “hello” spring as Easter bounces around the corner. What a great time to bring light back into your home with some colorful decor. Decorating for Easter doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, these fun ideas are about as easy as it gets.

Pastel colors

Whatever you buy in the right colors will look “easter-ish.” Pink, purple, green, blue, and yellow are the colors of choice. Pastels look springier, but bright hues also work. Buy a hand towel in one of these colors to hang on the oven. Replace your white candles with pastel ones, or wrap a colored ribbon around each candle or holder. Simple things like a pink bar of soap on the bathroom counter, a yellow vase, or a green rug can brighten a room.

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02 Apr Creating an Attractive Bathroom Space

White bathroom sink with a blue toothbrush holder next to itWe each start and end our day in front of the bathroom mirror. When product bottles, loose hair strands, and toothpaste clutter the counter the place feels cramped, not to mention unsanitary. We tend to think of the bathroom as a big, dirty chore, but it doesn’t have to be. There are very easy ways to keep your vanity looking presentable, which will improve your entire morning routine.

Clean Regularly

If the adage “cleanliness is next to godliness” is true, then you can both look and feel like a goddess when getting ready in a clean bathroom. All it takes is a paper towel, some all-purpose cleaner, and five minutes. Clear everything off the counter, spray on the cleaner, and wipe it with the paper towel. Go back over the area with a wet paper towel or rag to remove any remaining residue. Do this at least twice a week.

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20 Mar What White Can Do for Your Kitchen

White kitchen cabinetsWhite cabinets can radiate a feeling of brightness, cleanliness and simplicity...or do just the opposite. They may give your kitchen a cold, sterile and bare look. Finding the right look depends on your personal style and functionality. There are a few ways to get white cabinets: install brand new thermofoil cabinets, reface your current cabinets or paint them white. Here’s how a makeover of that nature may add or subtract personality from your kitchen. Overall Feel White cabinets open up a room and make it feel larger. This makes them a great choice for smaller kitchens. They brighten the room to give it a more welcome feel.
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07 Mar How to Utilize Cabinets You Can't Reach

Person standing on a stool in kitchen to reach high cabinetOne of the most dreaded places in a kitchen is those hard to reach cabinets. You know the ones we’re talking about, in the corner where it’s dark and items get forgotten. Or those cupboards high above the refrigerator that nobody under 6-feet can reach without a stool. Often these cabinets turn to wasted space unless you learn how to maximize their potential. What to put in them Store items that don’t get used often. This seems obvious but sometimes our desire to keep all like items grouped together limits our ability to think outside the box. For example, we bet you only use that turkey roasting pan a couple times a year. Are you still stuffing it next to your pots that you use every day? Relocate the pan to the cupboard above the fridge and use the now free space for something else.
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19 Feb Fix Your Kitchen Drawers in a Cinch

Fix Your Kitchen DrawersThe most beat-up part of your kitchen is the cabinets and drawers. After being opened and closed a dozen times a day they begin to wear down and sometimes break. There’s no silver bullet for fixing kitchen drawers. It depends on the drawer. The best advice is to pull out the drawer, see how it was put together, and try to mimic the process. It’s usually pretty straight forward. Mostly you’ll just need a little patience.
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11 Feb One Way to Simplify Your Cooking Process

Close up of vegetables cooking in a skillet“I need a spatula to flip these pancakes. Where did it get put away? And the whisk for the eggs? Hmm...I know there’s measuring spoons in here somewhere.” Sound familiar? Then it sounds like it’s time you organize those kitchen drawers. Give yourself 1-2 hours when the kitchen is empty. Right after a meal is good because nobody will be cooking for at least a few hours.
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