06 Mar Dinner Foods to Make for a St. Patrick’s Day Party

irish stewFestive desserts for any holiday are typically easy to come by, but what about festive dinner foods? If you're going to be hosting a St. Patrick's Day party soon, or if you simply want to dish up something fun on March 17, you may be looking for some hearty ideas for the dinner table. Here is a list of traditional Irish dishes to give you some delicious inspiration for a St. Paddy's Day dinner party.

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12 Feb Fun Valentine’s Day Decor for the Kitchen

valentines kitchen decorValentine's Day is perhaps one of the best holidays when it comes to decorations. You can deck out your entire house, but don’t forget your kitchen. Use your creativity and the lovey-dovey theme to bring out the best in your fabulous cabinetry and dining table. Carry the magic of this holiday to the next level with these striking kitchen decor ideas.

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02 Feb 4 Steps for Throwing a Romantic V-Day Dinner for Multiple Couples

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At HomeWhen you think Valentine’s Day, you probably don’t think of getting a bunch of couples together for a party, simply because it’s generally celebrated as individual couples. However, if it’s done right, a party can be a great start to a romantic evening! To shake things up a bit this Valentine’s Day, consider these tips for planning a spectacular couples party.

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19 Jan Pros and Cons of Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

old kitchenScratched, faded, and squeaky cupboards should be a thing of the past, yet many people still have them in their homes. If this sounds like your kitchen, it’s time for a remodel. But hiring a cabinet maker is so expensive! Not to mention, the remodel could take weeks.

Instead, consider more affordable options, like refacing your cabinets. To reface your cabinets, you’ll either replace the doors on your existing cabinets with new ones. Or, if the cupboards are still in good shape, you’ll sand away the varnish or paint and apply a new color. However, this process comes with some key pros and cons.
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05 Jan 4 Things to Consider When Choosing RTA Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

  Walkway in to Modern Kitchen

If you’re cabinets are scratched, too small, or just aren’t cutting it anymore, you should look into doing a kitchen cabinet remodel. Hiring a professional to build and install cabinets for you is a ridiculous and unnecessary expense. Instead, look into getting ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets that you can install on your own.

You might be worried that RTA cabinets won’t be as good of quality as you would get from a cabinet builder. However, that’s only true if you don’t take certain things into consideration. If you carefully consider and plan for the following four things before you order your RTA cabinets, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting great cabinets for your kitchen that will last.

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16 Dec The Best Ways to Use Roll-out Cabinet Trays

roll out tray for cabinetsThe roll out tray is a great solution to a number of problems. They virtually eliminate the need to hunt through scattered, unorganized items in order to find what you’re looking for, and they maximize efficiency. Overall, they always make for a cleaner kitchen. Though these pull-out trays are great wherever you want to use them, there are a few places that they will have the greatest effect.

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24 Nov Built-in Lazy Susan: Types and Benefits

Clean Contemporary Kitchen InteriorIf your home has cabinets that connect wall to wall, you probably have some pesky corner cupboards that are difficult to reach into. Corner cupboards are usually very large, and often involve deep corners and shelves. They are great for storing items that you don’t use very often, but most of the time, you are probably wanting a better way to maximize that space.

A built-in lazy Susan is the perfect solution for a cramped corner cupboard. It’s basically a set of rotating shelves that allows you to optimize the amount of storage space in your corner cupboard. Read on to discover the different types and benefits that come with installing your own lazy Susan.

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10 Nov Organizing Your Kitchen for Thanksgiving Preparations

Cooking chicken in the oven at home.Everyone loves Thanksgiving for the food. However, if you are the one doing most of the cooking, you might not be looking forward to it as much as others. Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be a hefty challenge, particularly if your kitchen is unorganized. If you want to simplify the process of preparing Thanksgiving dinner, you will want to use these three kitchen organizational tips:  

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