9 Dishes to Make for Your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

01 Feb 9 Dishes to Make for Your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

heart shaped pizzaOkay, so we’re not saying that you need to make nine different dishes for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day (in fact, please don’t), but preparing just one tasty dish at home for that special someone is a great way to say “I love you.” So why not one of these? Here are ten ideas for delicious dishes that you can make for your Valentine on February 14th.

Red Velvet Pancakes

Pancakes are always wonderful dish to enjoy with a special someone at any time of the year, and making them “red velvet” style helps give them that Valentine’s Day touch. And they’re easy to make; the only major difference between a typical pancake and a red velvet one is a little food coloring and cocoa powder.

Heart Shaped Eggs over Toast

For another breakfast idea, try making your eggs sunny-side-up in a heart shaped cookie cutter and then serving them over toast.

Homemade Pasta

Italian is always a good, romantic option for dinner, and making it from scratch at home will show that special someone just how much you care. Keep in mind though that making pasta from scratch takes a little practice, so you might want to go through a few trial runs first! (Alternatively, for a fun at-home date idea, you might try making pasta with your loved one at home.)

Heart Shaped Pizza

For something that’s also Italian but just a tad more casual, you could try making heart shaped pizzas. You make heart shaped pizza the same way you make normal pizza, only you divide your dough into two balls of dough to shape the crust into a heart at the beginning.

Restaurant Style Steak

Are both of you meat lovers? Many who regularly order steak at restaurants are unfamiliar with the technique that many restaurants use to sear their steaks to perfection. To make restaurant style steaks, you’ll typically coat them in spices and herbs first, sear them over the stove for about 10 minutes, and then cook them in a 400-degree oven until they reach the proper internal temperature.

Valentine’s Chex Mix

Staying in to watch a movie. Valentine’s Day themed Chex mix is a great snack to prepare ahead of time for a fun, festive snack. What you put in your mix is up to you, of course, but some great ingredient options include Chex cereal, pink and red M&Ms, thin pretzels, and chocolate drizzled popcorn.

Chocolate Covered Gummies

Does your sweetness have a special fondness for cinnamon bears, Swedish Fish, or gummy bears? Many gourmet chocolate shops sell chocolate covered varieties of these candies, so one fun idea is to try making some yourself. Another bonus—these are easily giftable?

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Looking for another simple dessert idea that is easily giftable? Chocolate covered strawberries are easy to make, easy to customize, and they also happen to be very romantic.

Frosted Sugar Cookies

Add a little creativity to your Valentine’s Day baking and try making heart shaped sugar cookies and frosting them with sweet messages for that special someone. You might frost your cookies to look like the classic “conversation hearts” candy, or you might simply frost them with red or pink frosting and inscribe a message in white royal frosting. This is an idea where the possibilities are endless.

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