7 Simple Cabinet Repairs You Can Do Yourself

DIY cabinet repairs Knotty Alder RTA cabinets

20 Apr 7 Simple Cabinet Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Have your kitchen or bathroom cabinets seen better days? You may be able to repair them on your own by applying these 7 simple DIY cabinet repairs:

Repair nicks and scratches with a touch up marker or filler pencil.
Stain-filled markers and pencils are available in many shades. Because scratches tend to absorb a lot of stain, we suggest starting with a color slightly lighter than your wood, then switching to a darker shade if needed. Lightly dab the marker on the scratch then wipe away the excess stain. If your cabinets have deeper scratches, use a filler pencil to fill and color the scratch.

DIY cabinet repairs Knotty Alder RTA cabinetsAdjust hinges on cabinet doors.
Over time, cabinet doors can become loose or misaligned. Luckily, this can be easy to fix with simple hinge adjustments!
If your doors have simple screws, loosen the screw enough that you can move the door but not all the way. Align the door to it’s proper place then tighten the screws.
European style hinges have built in adjustment settings and are easy to fix. The left screw on the middle bar adjusts the cabinet depth. The right screw on the middle bar adjusts the door from side to side. It’s a bit of a trial and error process, but with a few simple adjustments your cabinets should fit just right!

Fix stripped cabinet knobs.
Over time, screw holes may become stripped, causing the screw to turn but not tighten. Start by removing the hardware and putting a drop of wood glue in the screw hole. Stick as many toothpicks as possible into the screw hole. Once the glue dries, cut away the end of the toothpicks with a utility knife so they are no long sticking out of the hole. Replace the knob onto the screw.

Lubricate sticking drawers.
If a cabinet drawer is difficult to open, start by removing the drawer. Clean the drawer slides and tracks with a damp rag. Apply a lubricant like WD-40 to both the track and the slides. Slide the drawer back into the track.

Replace bent or broken drawer slides.
If you’re having difficulty opening or closing cabinet drawers even after lubrication, the drawer slides may need replaced. Remove the drawers and inspect the tracks. They will probably be bent or broken. Purchase new drawer sliders from your local hardware store that are identical in size (or as close as possible) to the old ones. Simply unscrew the old sliders and screw on the news ones. These tracks are relatively inexpensive, around $5-$15 per drawer.

Fix broken drawer boxes.
For a simple fix, remove the drawer, scrape away old glue and remove old nails or screws. Realign the broken pieces and glue them together. Make sure you clamp the wood pieces together and leave them to dry overnight. When the pieces dry, hammer in a couple of nails to make it extra secure.

Reattach cabinet door fronts.
Use a high quality polyurethane woodworking glue. Make sure the areas to be glued are smooth and clean. Place a small amount of glue onto the surface of the cabinet front and clamp it in place. Once the glue dries, use a few small finishing nails to make sure the face is firmly attached to the cabinet frame.

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