6 Unexpected Reasons to Have a Well-Organized Kitchen

14 Apr 6 Unexpected Reasons to Have a Well-Organized Kitchen

organized kitchen drawersNow that spring is here, it’s high time you considered giving your kitchen a thorough organization overhaul if you haven’t already. Though it may sound daunting, creating an efficient organization system in your kitchen that works for you—with features like drawer dividers, kitchen towel hooks, spice racks, and pull-out drawers in cabinets—will turn out to be both a refreshing and rewarding experience. In case you haven’t quite gathered the motivation needed to carry out the task, or you’re thinking that organized kitchens are only for those who live insanely organized lifestyles, here are a few pros you may not have considered to creating and maintaining an efficient kitchen.

You’re more likely to cook food at home.

A well-organized kitchen significantly reduces the pressures associated with cooking and baking at home. When saucepans are difficult to maneuver out of a cabinet, or when mixing bowls are stored high up and out of reach, preparing food in the kitchen quickly turns into an experience you won’t want to repeat on a daily basis. If you organize your kitchen in such a way that utensils and foods are exactly where you need them, you’ll likely find that cooking will become a hobby you look forward to pursuing.

Take a quicker inventory of ingredients on hand.

Along the same lines, organizing all of your base ingredients, herbs, and spices will allow you to get a quick glance at what possibilities are open to you. This in itself has quite a few benefits. Not only will you start creating a wider variety of dishes, but you’ll also be more likely to use up what you have on hand before it goes to waste.

Faster clean-up.

This one is straightforward: the more organized your kitchen is, the easier it will be to put things away, wipe down countertops, etc.

Guests will feel at home.

Wouldn’t you love it if guests who stayed at your home were able to step into your kitchen in the mornings while you’re still fast asleep and intuitively be able to find the things needed to make breakfast? This becomes a very real possibility when your kitchen is built around the cooking that goes on there. And hey—maybe guests will be more willing to help with clean-up, as well.

Save money.

Many of these pros to kitchen efficiency come together to even save you money. If you’re more likely to cook food at home and use on-hand ingredients, you’ll save money by not eating out and by not sending store-purchased ingredients to waste. If you spend less time cleaning up your kitchen, you’ll have more time to spend it in other potentially money-saving or money-producing ways. And if your once-cluttered kitchen seems to have a great deal of breathing room because of a recent organization overhaul, you’re less likely to spend money on additional storage or even a bigger home.

A more peaceful home.

Finally, an organized kitchen makes for a more peaceful home. Since kitchens are some of the most frequently occupied spaces in the home, it only makes sense to turn it into an open space with breathing room that promotes a clear mind and an overall sense of well-being.
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