5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Cleaner

22 Nov 5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Cleaner

clean bathroomYour ideal bathroom always communicates “clean,” yet the bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to keep up with in the home. Outside of everyday cleaning, it can help to organize and decorate your bathroom in such a way that it regularly looks clean—even when it hasn’t just had a thorough. Here are some ways that you can improve your bathroom’s clean look.

Cut down on clutter.

May keep their bathrooms from looking clean simply by leaving out clutter. Pare down the things you keep in your bathroom to only the essentials, and be sure to get rid of any toiletries or makeup items that you no longer use. And instead of keeping things out on your bathroom counter, create a strategic organization system. If you have bathroom cabinets, for example, you might invest in a few baskets for organizing toiletries under the sink, and then in drawer organizers for any drawers. Medicine cabinets can be turned into highly efficient storage spaces with just a few organizational items as well. A clear bathroom vanity will always contribute to a cleaner looking bathroom.

Install white cabinets.

If your bathroom doesn’t currently feature a great deal of white, white cabinets are a great way to introduce some lightness into the space. White cabinets will instantly brighten up your bathroom space while communicating freshness and cleanliness.

Renew your grout.

Does your bathroom feature tiles somewhere, with grout in between those tiles? Check and see if your bathroom’s grout could use a deep cleaning. If so, try cleaning it with baking soda and water, creating a paste that you leave on your grout for ten minutes. Follow up by scrubbing with a toothbrush. If your grout is clearly aged and could use a refresher, it might be time to re-apply grout in between your bathroom tiles; old grout, after all, never looks clean.

Swap out your towels.

Old bath towels are another thing that never look clean, so if the towels in your bathroom are old and grungy, swap in some new, freshly laundered ones.

Get a mold-resistant shower curtain liner.

A shower curtain liner is a must for any bathroom. Just make sure to get one that resists mold and mildew so that you never have to worry about your shower looking grungy. Fabric liners are particularly great because you can send them through your washer every so often to freshen them up.

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