4 Steps for Throwing a Romantic V-Day Dinner for Multiple Couples

02 Feb 4 Steps for Throwing a Romantic V-Day Dinner for Multiple Couples

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At HomeWhen you think Valentine’s Day, you probably don’t think of getting a bunch of couples together for a party, simply because it’s generally celebrated as individual couples. However, if it’s done right, a party can be a great start to a romantic evening! To shake things up a bit this Valentine’s Day, consider these tips for planning a spectacular couples party.

Step 1: Reserve Invites to Only Intimate Friends

Just because you’re allowing others to share your romantic night doesn’t mean that you should invite everyone you’ve ever met. Keep it small with only the most intimate of friends invited. This is no time to invite acquaintances you are hoping to get to know better. You don’t want it to be a flop because you weren’t able to hit it off with the other couple. So invite couples that you know you can have a good time with. Also, keep it small. It’s very difficult for you to maintain an intimate atmosphere with a large party.

Step 2: Keep Decorations Simple and Classy

Though you’ll want to save the really romantic decorations for the bedroom, you can still bring in some classy decorations for your dinner party. Though candlelight may be a little awkward with so many people, consider leaving the light on but with candles on the table. Also, don’t forget the roses and pink and red decorations!

Step 3: Don’t Scrimp on Food

Think of the most romantic foods and plan that for the menu. For the appetizer, clear the table and set up fondue with both cheese and chocolate. Bring out bowls of marshmallows, fruit, bread slices, and anything else that will taste delicious smothered in sauces. Next, plan your dinner. If you aren’t sure what to make, Italian cuisine is always a hit for romantic dinners. For dessert, consider caramel brownies or raspberry cheesecake.

Step 4: For the After-Dinner Entertainment

After dinner, you’ll want a plan for entertainment. You might go out for an event such as a community concert or a movie. Or, you could come up with some great couples games. Some great games may include the Newlywed Game to see how well everyone knows their significant other. You might also download some apps onto your smartphone, such as Heads Up in which one person tries to get the other to guess a word within a category of clues.

With these steps, you’re evening is sure to be both romantic and fun!  

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