15 Baking Utensils to Have in Your Kitchen

20 Mar 15 Baking Utensils to Have in Your Kitchen

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Have you always wondered which are the best kitchen utensils to have in your kitchen for baking cakes, cookies, and more? Here is a quick guide to what you should keep in your kitchen—and what you can leave out.

1. Hand Mixer

If you're going to get either a hand mixer or a stand mixer, get a hand mixer; and make sure it's one that has multiple speeds varying from slow to high. Stand mixers are a wonderful convenience for their ability to mix things while unattended, but a hand mixer is a kitchen baking utensil staple, and unlike a stand mixer, it offers the flexibility of being mobile.

2. Glass Mixing Bowls

Glass mixing bowls are great because they can be heated, they don't hold onto grease (unlike plastic—important for when you need to beat egg whites), and they can double as serving bowls.

3. Muffin Tins

It's great to invest in at least one 12-well muffin tin for making both muffins and cupcakes, but having two hardly takes up more space and makes for a tremendous convenience, especially in those situations where you have just over enough batter for 12 cupcakes. Both light-colored and dark-colored varieties will produce great baked goods—just make sure you're going somewhere other than the dollar store for these.

4. Cookie Sheets

The same principles that apply to purchasing a muffin tin also apply to purchasing cookie sheets. These are an especially great place to invest because you'll be using these the bake cookies, roast vegetables, toast coconut flakes, and more.

5. Baking Mats

These are re-usable silicone baking mats that lie on top of a cookie sheet and eliminate the need for greasing a pan. These are a great way to extend the life of your cookie sheets as well, and they make baking perfectly chewy cookies a cinch.

6. Round Cake Pans and a Square Cake Pan

If you're going to have either round cake pans or a large rectangle one, go for the round pans. Round cakes are much more popular than their rectangle counterparts, are easier to frost (fewer corners), and are usually easier to bake successfully because of a smaller surface area. A good bet is to get two 9 inch round pans that are each at least 2 inches in height. And what about the square cake pan? Easy. Brownies.

7. Liquid Measuring Cup

One good glass one that measures up to two cups of liquid is all you need here.

8. Dry Measuring Cups and Spoons

These are actually one area where you should invest. Make sure to get sturdy ones that stand up to scooping and that have the measurements engraved on them—printed measurements often wear off.

9. Frosting Set

A good frosting set will include reusable piping bags, a few standard piping tips, and straight-edged spatulas for frosting cakes. Investing in this will mean for beautiful cakes and cupcakes for years to come.

10. Rubber Spatulas

These can very well be the only mixing utensil you use when hand-stirring cake batter. They help you scrape batter off of the sides of the bowl, and they are easy to manipulate batter with. The flat surface, by the way, comes in handy when folding batter or when doing "macaronage" on macaron batter.

11. Wooden Mixing Spoon

This is important for mixing thicker batters like cookie batter—they won't bend the way metal spoons can.

12. Whisk

For whisking egg whites, whipping up pancake batter, and incorporating some air in your dry ingredients.

13. Rolling Pin

There are two major options here: a French rolling pin (a rod with tapered ends) and a roller (the prototypical kind with the handles). Either type of rolling pin will work great; just choose one based on your own preference.

14. Cookie Dough Scoop

Not only is this great for scooping cookie dough, but you can also use it to scoop cake batter into cupcake wells with minimal mess.

15. Sifter

These work great for incorporating air in dry ingredients such as flour.

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